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Antique and Vintage Louis Vuitton & Goyard Trunks

We are always looking for quality Louis Vuitton and Goyard Trunks. Most Auction Houses charge 15% to sell your trunk, and a 25% premium to the buyer. Why give them 40% of your trunks value not knowing what it will sell for, while we pay you upfront and you're done? Our honest and ethical way of buying and selling Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks has worked for over 20 years. 

Welcome to, your home for luxury luggage, specializing in Louis Vuitton and Goyard Trunks since 1995. Click on any trunk name at the top of this page to view the item and details along with any other items we have for sale. There is also a side menu when you are viewing any of the trunk detail pages to view any pieces we have for sale and neat pieces we have sold in the past. Compare our prices and quality with anyone.

We currently have one LV Steamer for sale. Don't see what you want? Keep checking the site as we are always updating the site. Looking to sell your looking to sell your trunk? please contact us or send pics to Vanwrinkles@aol.comWe are always in need of quality Louis Vuitton and Goyard steamer trunks.

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Here at you will find we offer the finest antique/vintage Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks available at great prices."We Buy and Sell". Located in Central MA, we buy throughout the US.(We do not sell new ones, for that please visit your nearest LV or Goyard store). We're big on common sense here and realize there are only two questions to a great buy. Is it what you want and is the price right? It's that simple. Just because you have money, doesn't mean you can't spend it wisely. You also get our 20+ years of experience in selling luxury trunks to answer any questions you may have. We don't play stupid, and if we can't answer your question, we probably know someone who can. Note, unlike most other sites, our prices are clearly posted in the description of all items we have for sale(If the price is removed, the item has sold). This is how we do business. We figure if the price is right, you won't need to waste your time asking for some crazy number to negotiate. Just compare and you will find our prices 40-50% of most other sites for items of the same quality. Our items are also available for viewing for those of you looking to avoid fradulent ebay and Craigslist postings. If you see a posting from our picture room that is not on our website, it is a scam.

We Buy: We are always purchasing Louis Vuitton & Goyard trunks. If you have one of the rare shoebox wardrobes or lingerie chest(like on our items for sale page), check with us before you sell as we pay big bucks for these in good condition. We work on a small percentage. Just leave us something left in them and we should be able to buy them from you. Why give half your money to some auction company? Most auctions charge you a 15%-20% sellling commisson "and" charge your buyer 20-25% buyers premium. That means they are taking nearly half your money. If for some reason you want to give it to an auction house, knock yourself out if you feel you owe them something, but make sure you know what you sign up for. We buy your trunk outright meaning you pocket the entire amount.

We also buy old oil paintings advertising Louis Vuitton and Goyard. Please", as we work around here and like you, like to get paid, if you are selling your trunk, please have a ballpark price in mind(it's hard for us to be the buyer and seller at the same time). We have a limited staff an lack the time for free appraisals. Appraisals cost are listed below. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Why Buy from us? We don't use magic words like "Amazing" in our descriptions, as we have never seen a trunk produce gold or jump up and dance, (that would be Amazing). No historical lessons on the Louis Vuitton Company(they make books for that) just an honest assessment of the finest trunks you can buy. What we describe is what you get. None of those little hidden surprizes so common with ebay and sellers who never worry about seeing you again. Our trunks are always available for viewing(by appointment). We have sold these luxury trunks since 1995 and look forward to serving you.             

To view the price and description of trunks we have for sale, click on the item name above.

Most trunks we sell are high-end models. There are 4 main factors that determine the price of Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks. The condition, trim, rarity and completeness. Get one with all 4 and you have a great piece.

Condition(otherwise known as condition,condition,condition)adds or deducts greatly from a trunks value. While antique and vintage  Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks are not expected to look new, they are expected to look right. In discussions with our customers, we have found there are some things that are generally exceptable and some that are not. 

Generally accepted issues are bumps,bruises,mild scratches,light stains,minor wear to canvas or leather(no holes),replaced leather handle holders or handles(these must be dimensionally correct to the piece)and replaced tacks(factory marked).

On the no-no list would be rips,tears,major eyesores,missing canvas or major pattern wear(that's a big one),bad stains, replaced hardware or canvas(that was not produced by the maker)and missing leather trim. If we offer a trunk with any of these issues, it will always be stated clearly in the description. Beware of old stickers, they did not come on the trunks and do not add to the value(unless it belonged to JFK, etc.), but actually devalue it, contrary to the beliefs of many unknowledgible dealers and sellers. They are also sometimes used to cover missing canvas and other eyesores. You don't want to be one of those who gets that little surprise. A good rule of thumb with any Louis Vuitton or Goyard Trunk is, if it didn't come on the trunk, it shouldn't be there.

We always use pictures of all 6 sides along with the interior and a complete description, so you know just what you're getting.

Trim: There are several different trim lines that vary the price in Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks. The top of the line models have leather edging and all brass hardware(including corner and slat caps)w/brass or leather handles(brass holds up better). The lower end models have metal edging and black trim w/metal handles. Some have leather trim but black end caps. They are in the midrange. The high end models will polish up better for a richer look.

Rarity: Certain models of Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks were rarely made. There were also a number of custom models. Many of these have usual interiors or extras and are most desirable to the collector(however, remember condition. A rare trunk in bad shape usually doesn't fair well). Don't get excited over a very early trunk either. While Louis Vuitton and Goyard have both been in business since the 1850'S, the early black as well as the tan canvas don't sell well and aren't worth much. LV's are most desired only in Striped (1870-1888)Damier(1888-1896) and the LV(1895-present)canvas. The calves leather is also very,if not most, desired(but only in good condition). These were special orders. The trunk dimensions can also greatly influence the price. Taller and streamline trunks sell better the shorter ones. The most common trunk(the "footlocker")is less than 14"tall and too short for a table. The same trunk 18+"tall, could nearly double in price.

Completeness: All but a few LV and Goyard trunks came with interior parts(trays,baskets,drawers,screens,shoe & hatboxes, even desk). The general rule is, the more the better. Many were lost and seperated over the years. If a trunk has all it's interior parts, it can increase 20-40% (even more depending on what's inside). 

 What We Have For Sale:The trunks pictured near the top of this page have all sold as we are actually are here to sell them, however, they are there for your enjoyment and to help you see the different models that come available. On average, we get two to three per month. The trunks we have available for sell at present are listed after Items For Sale at the top of this page(Just click of the name of the trunk). If you are looking for a particular size or model, let us know and we contact you when one become available.

Shipping: Most Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks shipped in the US lower 48 run about $150-195. We have great rates for overseas as well. Here are some examples for a piece 40x22x21 at 70lbs. UK$400,France$400,HongKong$400,Switzerland$490,Australia$500(except freight items),Germany$475,Italy$470(prices vary slightly depending on zipcode,month,and rate increases). US arrrives within one week of shipping. Overseas 7-10 days with no customs delays. (Note:Shipping prices have increased about 10% in the past few months due to increasing fuel prices)

We Do Appraisals. Our appraisals are based on similar items sold over the past 2 years. Unlike nearly all appraisal companies, our appraisals come with a complete description, circa dating, and an offer of 65% of the appraised value, so you know you are getting a true appraisal(not just verbal chatter). Our appraisals are $100(refundable if you decide to sell us your trunk)and will hold up for your insurance company. Before getting an appraisal, ask yourself this question. If your appraiser isn't willing to offer at least half of the appraised value, what are they doing appraising you trunk? You guessed it. They are taking your money.

Repairs: We normally do not have time for outside repairs. Depending on our work load, we sometimes have time for handle, hardware and leather repairs. "Please", if you bought some crapper off ebay needing canvas or pattern repair, etc, we are not interested. You should have thought of that before you bought it.

Payment:We accept cash,check,cc and bank transfer.(cc may not be used on discounted items).


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